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Based in Toronto, the WJ Groundwater Canada Team have been putting 100% of their resources and efforts since 2016 executing the largest dewatering project in the country. The Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (ECLRT) project consists of 19.7 km of light rail transit running along Eglinton Avenue from Mount Dennis in the west to Kennedy in the east. The project has been designed and constructed by Crosslinx Transit Solutions Contractors (Crosslinx).

With the Project maturing in mid 2019 we started to reach out to GCs in Ontario to get on their tender lists for projects that require dewatering. Our intention is to meet and get to know all the GCs in Canada that can potentially use our services and we prefer taking a more personal approach of calling to offer our consulting help on a probono basis and requesting a meet to introduce ourselves in person.

With our unique dewatering methods, procedures and equipment designed for use in combination with tunnelling and our experience of working within constricted urban construction sites we are working with the contractor to provide solutions to their complex dewatering needs.

With a team of around 40 people of Managers, Engineers, Designers, Electricians, Drillers and Dewatering Operatives and a toolkit of specialist equipment procured locally and from within the WJ Group we have the resources capable to undertake the largest station excavations in difficult ground conditions comprising layered slits, sands and clays.

WJ is an Ontario Ministry of the Environment registered well driller and installer and we are working with local partners to ensure compliance in areas such as employment & electrical safety.

WJ is a global subcontractor owned and managed by Engineers who specialize in dewatering. Based on our experience with over 2,500 dewatering projects worldwide since 1982 we have developed proprietary drilling equipment, pumping processes, well systems and dewatering design services that are radically different from our competition – which can mean quantifiable differences in estimating, dewatering costs and work flows for projects that need dewatering.

We encourage our GC and Engineering clients and partners to leverage our engineering expertise in groundwater as early as possible in any project that requires dewatering – we can even help you win a bid on a project that is challenging from a dewatering perspective – if you call us early in the process.

A Global Presence with Shared Values

Our parent company, WJ Group, are a UK based water management experts combining global reach with local engineering expertise and an impressive track record, implementing some of the most challenging projects that required dewatering worldwide. Over the last 30 years we have grown to be global organization that shares expertise, equipment and resources between our offices and operations in the UK, Poland, Canada, Israel, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Whether you are a small local company or an international organisation, you can be assured of receiving the same level of excellent quality service backed by decades of expertise.

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WJ Canada’s team is comprised of highly skilled individuals with a wealth of expertise. All our staff come from a background of engineering excellence.

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WJ Canada is part of the WJ Group, a leading global organisation dedicated to delivering service excellence based on local expertise. Visit the WJ Group website to find out more about the locations we serve.

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  • Great, friendly service. Very helpful and easy to work with.

    Guy Bainbridge Quantity Surveyor – Mickleton, M Lambe Construction
  • WJ’s installation team was excellent. The dewatering and groundwater recharge system worked as per WJ model & design. The works, including the Groundwater Treatment Plant setup and demobilisation, were carried out according to the programme. We received very good technical support with prompt production of monitoring data & reports.  Of special note was WJ‘s expertise in contractor assistance to mitigate risks for our forward planning.

    Site Agent / Design & Temp Works Manager, Hochtief Murphy JV
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