Instrumentation & Monitoring

Instrumentation & monitoring, and the management of data, are important processes for any construction project. They provide key information that allow long-term geotechnical and hydrogeological trends to be identified, preventative measures to be planned and useful intelligence for future design and construction methods.

Our dedicated team provide secure cloud-based data  dashboards to allow for remote ‘real-time’ system status monitoring.

WJ’s Instrumentation & Monitoring Service

WJ offer a variety of instrumentation & monitoring options including:

  • Piezometers, standpipes and transducers to monitor groundwater levels
  • Flowmeters to measure the flow of water
  • Inclinometers, extensometers and strain gauges to monitor the movement of slopes and structures
  • Earth pressure cells to measure the stress and pore pressure in soil
  • Weather stations to monitor external weather and tidal conditions
  • Pump status sensors to monitor pump activity
  • Thermal Response Testing (TRT)
  • Deep datum

Featured Instrumentation & Monitoring

New London Embassy

New London Embassy

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  • Deepwell Dewatering
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    Brighton I360

  • Deepwell Dewatering
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  • Royal Hospital For Sick Children, Edinburgh

    Royal Hospital For Sick Children, Edinburgh

  • RHSC, Edinburgh
  • Deepwell Dewatering System
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  • Provost Driver Court, Renfrew

    Provost Driver Court, Renfrew

  • Provost Driver Court
  • Eductor Dewatering System
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