Deepwell Systems

Deepwell system dewatering

Deepwell dewatering system

Deepwell systems consist of an array of bored wells, each fitted with a multi-stage electric submersible borehole pump. As water is pumped from each well, the groundwater is lowered creating a cone of depression or drawdown around itself.


Why Use Deep Well Systems?

Deepwell dewatering is suited to deep excavations and where soil permeability is moderate to high. Deepwell systems also work well where artesian groundwater pressures threaten base stability. Capable of pumping tens of thousands of gallons of water per minute, deepwell systems are effective when there are large volumes of groundwater. The flexibility on the well depth and the well spacing means access restrictions are kept to a minimum.

WJ have decades of experience in providing deepwell dewatering solutions all over the globe from the UK (Crossrail in the UK), to mainland Europe (Lodz Highspeed Rail Interchange in Poland), the Middle East (Dubai International Airport) and Canada (Eglinton LRT in Toronto). Our highly skilled team are fully equipped to deal with all aspects involved, ranging from designing the dewatering system, to drilling and installation, pump testing, monitoring and on-site maintenance. No matter what the size of your project, we can offer a full tailored solution to suit your requirements.

Range of application for deepwell systems

Range of application for deepwell dewatering systems on construction projects (based on CIRIA 515, London 2000)


Featured Deepwell Projects

Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit System

Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit System

The Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (ECLRT) project

Cross Cut Completion at Oakwood Station

Cross Cut Completion at Oakwood Station

A challenging commission, which combined difficult dewatering conditions with innovative construction techniques.

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