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So much more than just a dewatering supplier to General Contractors…

We offer Canadian General Contractors a complete design, installation and maintenance services for all their water management requirements in Canada. After focusing 100% of our attention and resources on the Crosslinx Eglinton LRT Project since 2016 the WJ team based in Toronto is now focused on growing our business by reaching out to GCs and Engineering Firms to participate in tenders and deliver water management and design excellence to all sizes of dewatering projects in all industry sectors, ranging from small domestic contracts to some of the largest infrastructure projects.

WJ Groundwater Canada can offer our GC and Engineering partners probono dewatering consulting services, and fee based design services as well as permitting, pump testing, etc.

We have some of the best dewatering engineers in the world and can make them available for our clients and partners to help you on projects that require dewatering and can help identify potentially expensive issues and solutions early in the process for engineering firms.

Experience the WJ difference for yourself…

the WJ Canada difference

Fact: Most GC’s we contact have given their dewatering business to the same 2 dewatering companies in Ontario for over 25 years – and these two companies do business almost identically using “traditional” methods and equipment.

WJ Groundwater Canada Dewatering Services, Equipment, Monitoring and Alarm Systems, and Processes are radically  different than our Competition in Canada – and we feel if the key estimating contacts in Civil, Nuclear, LRT, Railway, Tunneling, etc., in your company had a chance to review the differences it would help both companies and potentially positively affect the way you estimated dewatering projects and the work flow for other trades working around the WJ dewatering system.

Benefits of engaging with WJ Groundwater Canada

GC’s who leverage WJ Groundwater Canada dewatering expertise and services for their projects that require dewatering can:

  1. Lower dewatering costs/effect the way you estimate a dewatering project. 
  2. Improve work flow and save time/money by making it far easier for the GC’s other trades to work around our dewatering systems.
  3. Dramatically lower the GC’s/Owner’s potential liability on dewatering projects we partner on.
  4. Give your firm access to WJ Groundwater Dewatering Engineers (for both probono consulting and fee based dewatering design services).
  5. Give your GCs project managers access to WJ’s state of the art 24/7 Monitoring and Alarm Systems (alarms can be sent in real time to their cell phones as well as to the WJ Team). 

We are looking to invest in building lasting business relationships with you, one project at a time.

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