Drilling & Probing

WJ has extensive experience of both installing boreholes for dewatering & groundwater control, pumping tests, water supply and ground-source energy projects and probing for tunnels, cross passages and shafts projects

Whether its wells for a dewatering scheme, an array of wells for a pumping test or a simple water supply well, drilling is a necessary requirement for most groundwater control and management schemes. In most cases our drilling services falls into two distinct categories:

Well DrillingWells are constructed for a variety of reasons, but in all cases they need to be well designed in terms of location, depth, performance and final application.

Probe DrillingProbe drilling is generally used in the construction of tunnels, cross passages and shafts to test ground conditions and water pressures ahead.


How WJ Canada Can Help

WJ Canada can advise on all drilling requirements and ensure that drilling is carried out safely, reliably and effectively. Our professional teams will carefully select drilling rigs and ancillary equipment according to the type of ground conditions and site access constraints to ensure optimal productivity.

Our drilling teams have been highly trained both internally and externally to meet the highest standards in terms of technical capability as well as safety. All drilling operations are overseen by a dedicated engineer and supported by an experienced member of the management team. As active members of the British Drilling Association and the Well Drillers Association, WJ Groundwater adhere only to the best health & safety, environmental and quality practices and standards.

Featured Drilling & Probing Projects

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Crossrail Underground Station at Farringdon

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