Dewatering and Groundwater Treatment

Residential Dewatering and Treatment

Whilst much of WJ Canada’s work has been on transport and infrastructure projects, we are equally at home providing groundwater control services on residential projects.

Complex Conditions

For this project WJ were engaged to provide an upgrade of an existing dewatering system to meeting unexpected groundwater conditions on site, and to ensure the works could take place successfully. When WJ were brought on board we were immediately met with a complex geology consisting of distinct aquifers and water flow conditions. Thick, highly permeable, sandy aquifers were present, with low permeability peat layers on the east side of the site.

UOIT multilevel excavation
New UOIT development

Dewatering and Treatment

WJ’s flexible dewatering solution was successfully implemented to accommodate the varying groundwater conditions by reducing the natural groundwater levels by 10m in a 13m deep excavation.

In addition to the dewatering system, a water treatment system was also upgraded to accommodate the high flows of around 1,000,000.00 l/day, as well as treating the water so they iron rich water (100mg/l) were clear by the time they had passed through the various media filters and bag vessels (which included automatic backwash operations), without interrupting the onsite dewatering works.

…and monitoring

A remote monitoring system covering all dewatering and water treatment system components and including water level sensors were also installed within the scope of this project. Thus, all the details of dewatering and water treatment works happening on site were instantly visible and traceable.

WJ wellpoint installation at UOIT September 2019
WJ dewatering in Oshawa


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