Monitoring is an important process for many construction projects and can provide a variety of detailed and important information allowing long term geotechnical and hydrogeological trends to be identified, preventative measures to be planned and can provide useful intelligence for future design and construction methods.

Instruments used for monitoring include:

  • piezometers and transducers to monitor groundwater level measurements
  • flowmeters to measure the mass or volumetric flow of water
  • inclinometers to monitor angles and slopes of the site conditions
  • strain gauges and extensometers to monitor movement
  • earth pressure cells to measure the stress and pore pressure in soil
  • weather stations to monitor external conditions
  • pump status sensors to monitor pump activity


How WJ Canada Use and Share Monitoring Data

WJ can collect high quality data electronically via direct or remote streaming data link, which allows real time data to be distributed to clients and/or all other users in the WJ project team quickly. Real time monitoring trigger alerts can be used to warn operators and client project teams of problems such as pump failures or power supply issues. Be rest assured that the WJ team can be on hand to respond to any issues promptly and efficiently.

Data gained from monitoring systems can be easily accessed in AGS, Excel, or by graphical dashboard format via email or using online software developed by our monitoring software partner Campbell Scientific.

Our expert management and on-site monitoring teams have vast experience in designing and installing monitoring systems as well as recording, analysing and interpreting the results to provide you with a high quality and accurate service.

Inclinometer data showing displacement v depth over time

Inclinometer data showing displacement v depth over time

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