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UK Update: WJ Groundwater’s Driver Manual

UK Update: WJ Groundwater’s Driver Manual

WJ Groundwater has recently produced a freshly redesigned driver manual for all members of our staff complement that uses our fleet as a part of their job role.


The full-colour, 50 page book serves as a guide to help our drivers to follow procedure and to perform to best practice.  The guide also serves as a reference tool, with sections about maximum speeds, weight capacity and many Health & Safety considerations.


Copies have now been distributed to all staff that use WJ Groundwater’s vehicles at our head office in King’s Langley, Bushey, Clipstone and Scotland bases for reference and a guide. The re-introduction of the book further enforces our commitment to put Health & Safety at the forefront of everything we do. This is done to keep our staff safe, our client’s safe and to make sure that our projects runs smoothly and safely for all concerned.


WJ GroundwaterUK Update: WJ Groundwater’s Driver Manual
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