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Crosstown West LRT Extension

The Crosstown Project was WJ’s first dewatering project when we opened our Canadian office and has been a near constant presence since this point. The latest phase of work on this project is the Western Extension which will provide more rapid transit to Etobicoke and Mississauga.

WJ were initially brought on board to undertake additional investigation works. These included pumping tests and gamma logging, which have provided valuable information to allow us to better understand the complex ground conditions and enable detailed dewatering designs to be prepared for these future station and cross passage sites.

Once these additional investigations were completed WJ were engaged to install dewatering schemes at a number of future stations and emergency exit building headwalls (where routine TBM maintenance intervention are executed underground), including Martin Grove, Kipling, EEB3, Wincott Drive, Islington, EEB2, Russell Road and the extraction shaft. These interventions required the installation of comprehensive deepwell and eductor dewatering systems.

Dan CarpenterCrosstown West LRT Extension
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