Charisma Condos, Vaughan

Charisma Condos, Vaughan

Vaughan, home of Canada’s Wonderland, the largest amusement park in the country, is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. It is this growth, and in particular the Charisma Condo project, that took us the short distance north from our Toronto HQ.

Multi-tower Condo Development

The Charisma Condo is a multi-tower development with numerous phases of deep excavations in to underlying water bearing soils. Due to the scale of the project and this aquifer, the client had initially considered putting in a full cut-off caisson wall, designed for hydrostatic loading. This would have eliminated the need for dewatering but at a cost of many millions of dollars.

UOIT multilevel excavation
New UOIT development

Fixed-price dewatering guarantee

Early client engagement here was key. WJ were able to explain to the client that the previous groundwater problems they had experienced in the area could be eliminated with WJ’s dewatering techniques, which could offer significant overall cost savings for the project compared to the installed of a cut-off caisson wall. Convinced of our abilities and understanding of the conditions on site, we offered a fixed price guarantee on the performance of the dewatering system.

Project Cost Savings

Via the installation of our dewatering system the client was able to complete the excavations without either problematic groundwater or the expense of the cut-off caisson. This project demonstrate how working with WJ from an early stage on a project can save condo developers time and money, as well as reducing the overall project risk.

  • LOCATION: Vaughan, Ontario
WJ wellpoint installation at UOIT September 2019
WJ dewatering in Oshawa

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