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Our new compact drilling rigs

We’re delighted to introduce our new SM6 compact drilling rigs.

These compact and flexible drilling rigs feature 360 drilling capability, water rotary flush technology (which pressure washes the holes bored for WJ extended screen eductor wells) and measurably improves their performance. The new drilling rigs give us much greater flexibility for the most complex drilling challenges in tunnels and deep excavations, due to their ability to drill in awkward and confined locations. In addition, they generate very little waste and are incredibly fuel efficient with a Tier 4F low emissions engine.

The SM6 helps us be ever-more creative with solutions that are faster, less disruptive and much more environmentally friendly. A combination that our clients can take advantage of right away to achieve better results for less.

If you’d like to find out more about the SM6, or any of our other drilling rigs, and how we can support you in delivering your next dewatering and groundwater control project, please get in touch.

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  • TODD HATHORNE - October 15, 2022 reply

    I am interested in know how deep this SM-6 unit can drill.

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