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Toby Roberts’ Presentation on Crossrail CP6 ‘Well’ Received

Dr Toby Roberts, the Chairman of WJ, gave a fascinating presentation on dewatering cross passages using in-tunnel well systems. The presentation was one of the features at the 3rd Arabian Tunnelling Conference & Exhibition 2015 held in Dubai, UAE in November.

WJ Tunneling Dewatering

Toby’s presentation focused on a specific cross passage, Crossrail CP6, which, despite challenging ground conditions and programme constraints, WJ was able to dewater successfully. The installations were carried out using techniques developed at WJ that allows probe holes and dewatering wells to be installed from inside tunnels and basements under high external water pressure. The dry cross passage was constructed by main contractor Dragados Sisk JV using an open face timber heading with SGI rings and reinforced concrete collars. WJ has used these techniques to install dewatering systems to allow the repair of leaking basements and tunnels where there has been an external head of water in excess of 10 metres. The dewatering was carried out using a combination of inclined wellpoints and eductor wells.
To learn more about the event in general please visit our previous article here.

Arabian Tunneling Conference

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WJ GroundwaterToby Roberts’ Presentation on Crossrail CP6 ‘Well’ Received
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