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UK Update: Bromley South Central

WJ Groundwater has been hard at work on a dewatering project for client, the McLaren Group at Bromley, Kent’s new state of the art shopping centre. Known as Bromley South Central and due for completion in late 2017, the project is being overseen and managed by Dr Mark Pickett.

“The dewateringsystem involves the installation of ten deepwells from within a basement. Each well reaches a depth of 9 metres below the basement level. The system’s primary objective is to lower and control groundwater levels within which is currently above the basement slab. This is required in order to allow the Client to break out of the existing concrete slab, excavate and install a replacement capable of withstanding the hydrostatic pressures,” reported Mark. “The project is challenging due to the restrictive height caused from working within a basement. We have modified the mast height of our MX510 drilling rig so that it is suitable to work within this initially restrictive environment.”

The installation began in January and February this year. The project is expected to run until December 2017.

The building scheme located in the London Borough of Bromley will transform the town centre and on completion, is intended to regenerate the southern end of Bromley High Street. The McLaren managed project is a mixed us PPP (Public Private Partnership) scheme.

Bromley South Central will be a mixture of residential and retail units that includes a multiplex cinema, a business hotel, cafes, restaurants, car parks and apartments. There are also plans for a handsome piazza-style open space and an ambitious level of public art on display.

More general information about the Bromley South Central development can be found here.

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WJ GroundwaterUK Update: Bromley South Central
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