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UK Update: Lennox Gate Shaft – Main Works Dewatering

WJ Groundwater is pleased to announce its latest dewatering project in Blackpool – once the home of the tallest roller-coaster and one of the most recognizable buildings in the UK, the Blackpool Tower.

This project is based at Blackpool South and has been devised in order to improve the quality of the local bathing water and for flood protection. The capacity of the local sewer network is to be increased, and this includes updating one of the town’s pumping stations – Lennox Gate. and construction of a new storage tank at Fishers Field.

WJ Groundwater has undertaken the project for United Utilities; we were contracted by our client Ward & Burke Construction Ltd to dewater a new shaft at Fishers Field.

The project began mid-February 2017.  The geology at Blackpool is a complex mix of permeable and impermeable layers forming three different aquifers. After successful pumping test for the main contractor, JN Bentley, WJ Groundwater commenced with installing a temporary dewatering system for Ward & Burke to aid their progress in excavating the shaft.

The dewatering system installed comprises 4 no. external pumping wells (29m deep) and 4 no. internal pumping wells (16m deep). The drilling works were completed very successfully, ahead of their targeted production rates and utilised two different rigs Soilmec SM10 for internal well installation and Conrad for the deeper external wells. The dewatering system has now been operational since mid-March 2017 with the target drawdown achieved within several days.  Our client for the main project works is delighted with the scheme and is currently progressing with their excavation and shaft construction.

“Great project! Working with a repeat client (Ward & Burke Construction Ltd) that are delighted with the dewatering scheme and the progress of their own works,” said Contracts Engineer for WJ Groundater, Michael Cummiskey.

For more information about the project visit: here

WJ GroundwaterUK Update: Lennox Gate Shaft – Main Works Dewatering
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