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UK Project Update: WJ Groundwater’s most northerly job yet!

From the Scotland Office

WJ Groundwater’s dewatering project for Pat Munro Ltd is its most northerly job yet. Since opening its office in Scotland in late 2015, the brand has been expanding rapidly and we’re ever so pleased to break into the Scottish Highlands with a project in Dornoch.

Dornoch is WJ Groundwater's most northerly project to date!

Dornoch is WJ Groundwater’s most northerly project to date!

The job at hand was situated at a housing development called Deans Park in Dornoch. The former royal burgh is located north west of Inverness on the main road to John O’Groats on the shores of Dornoch Firth. Nowadays it’s a pleasant seaside resort with several renowned golf courses. It’s also further north than the tip of Denmark and the most southern point of Norway.

The project entailed the installation of a new sewer pipe to link from Road Nine on the Deans Park to the other new pipelines on the housing estate. Due to the high groundwater level and close proximity to the Dornoch Firth, the water level had to be dropped by a minimum of 2.0m.

Sheet – 2013 038- 047 Rev C – Road 9 external views

“We installed system of wellpoints, which was operational for around 2.5 weeks lowering groundwater level to 0.5 m below the formation level,” said Michael Cummiskey, WJ Groundwater’s Project Engineer. “Thanks to quick drilling and installation as well as efficiency of our dewatering system, Pat Munro Ltd were able to excavate and construct their pipeline earlier than they anticipated.”

“WJ provided an effective in-house design and installation solution for groundwater control to facilitate our foul sewer pipeline construction. Rapid wellpoint system installation and groundwater lowering allowed us to commence and complete our excavation ahead of schedule. Their work was undertaken safely and in accordance with programme,” said John Dawson, Construction Manager for Pat Munro Ltd.

WJ Groundwater has also established their services all around the world, as far away as Hong Kong, the Arabian Peninsula States, and Poland.

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WJ GroundwaterUK Project Update: WJ Groundwater’s most northerly job yet!
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