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UAE Update: Congratulations to Khrina Lopez – now certified ISO 9001: 2015

WJ Groundwater congratulates Khrina Lopez of our Dubai office on becoming ISO 9001 certified. Khrina received her IRCA Transition Training Course Certificate in late May.

The auditing process and achieiving certification status is no ‘walk in the park’ either. We are immensely proud of Khrina for her hard work and dedication for the company.

“I wasn’t expecting to pass the course, so I’m immensely happy with the achievement and for what it means to myself and WJ Groundwater,” said Khrina.

“These days it is crucial for any business of a certain size to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Thanks to Khrina’s diligence and hard work, WJ Groundwater in Dubai is certified,” said WJ Groundwater’s Overseas Director, Paul Turner.

ISO 9001 is based on a number of principles that go hand in hand with good business practice. These include focusing on customers, involving all people that affect your business, doing things systematically and continuously looking for ways to improve. It is internationally recognised and shows potential customers and existing ones that your company is committed to these ideals and that you now have the know how to achieve this.

For a full definition of what gaining ISO 9001 certification means, visit Link


WJ GroundwaterUAE Update: Congratulations to Khrina Lopez – now certified ISO 9001: 2015
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