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UK Project Update – Windermere Jetty – Phase 2 Completed

Both Phases 1 & 2 of the redevelopment of the Windermere Steam Boat Museum are now complete. The aim is to create a series of new buildings, at its shore side location on Lake Windermere, to house the exhibits, a conservation workshop and a new visitor centre.

WJ Groundwater completed the drilling and installation of the dewatering applications for Phase 1 in March 2016. Read our earlier blog.

Phase 2 commenced in early May and was completed on the 20th. A total of 62 pumping wellpoints and 1 monitoring well were installed at the site. Some of the wellpoints were installed around the rectangular shaped petrol interceptor chamber, with the remainder deployed to dewater short drainage runs.

The flows were high, peaking at around 28 l/s that has enabled WJ Groundwater to achieve the drawdown required. The system was in operation in Phase 2 for around 3 weeks to allow the main contractor to install the interceptor and complete the concrete fill around it back to ground level.

The project was led by Michael Cummiskey for lead contractor Thomas Armstrong Construction Ltd. The building project is ongoing and expected to be fully operational and open to the public by Summer 2017.

Read more about Phase 1 here.


WJ GroundwaterUK Project Update – Windermere Jetty – Phase 2 Completed
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