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UAE Update: Paul Turner Attends MEED Conference

On the 10th of May, WJ Groundwater’s Director (Overseas) Paul Turner attended a MEED Breakfast Event entitled, The Outlook for GCC Construction and Projects. The idea behind the event was to share ideas where ‘Chatham House Rules’ have been invoked. For those curious, the rules were invented in order to encourage open discussion on any matters without the speaker having to go ‘on record’. In effect, information is shared freely but the speaker can remain anonymous and uncredited if the speech is documented.

The event took place at The Address at Dubai Arena and had a programme of interesting items; including an Overview of the Gulf Consolidated Contractors (GCC) projects market from MEED, and a panel discussion with industry experts.

Paul also had the opportunity to catch up with friends and old colleagues like Richard Thompson (pictured with Paul), Editorial Director of MEED and , the Operations Director for Kier.

Much of the discussion at the event revolved around the slow down in Saudi Arabia and the fall of oil prices in the region. Read this attached article for further information: LINK

WJ GroundwaterUAE Update: Paul Turner Attends MEED Conference
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