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WJ Groundwater launches effective new H&S process

WJ Groundwater has introduced a new Health & Safety (H&S) initiative across its sites called The WJ CARE Card – Committed Aim to Raise Expectations of our staff and clients.

The objective behind the card is to encourage our staff to keep H&S at the forefront everytime they embark on a new task.  The CARE card is available for front line WJ operatives to keep a note of any improvements that can be made to processes in order to avoid accidents – also to be able to increase the effectiveness of existing processes.

Very often, it’s too easy to get swept up in the events of the working day. And it’s also too easy to ignore potential dangers or accept short cuts as the ‘norm’ because very often projects demand a fast turnaround. However, with the WJ CARE Card our operatives can take a moment in time by making a short note of how certain routines and procedures can be improved no matter how small.

The CARE card is not a whistle-blower, it’s been implemented to discover new practices that protect our staff and clients in the work place, and it’s also a way of avoiding accidents by making a record of best practice.

Care Card Box

From a social point of view, the CARE cards also encourages all staff to give their opinions and expertise on specific, and specialised work, so that going forward H&S and productivity will always be getting better with management more informed and a finger on the pulse of the business.

CARE Cards can be used to suggest:

  • Potential Health & Safety improvements,
  • Environmental improvements,
  • Improvements for quality or ways of making the job better,
  • To report incidents that had the potential to cause injury or ill health / or a potential environmental incident,
  • good practice that needs recognition and possible WJ-wide implementation.

Staff can submit CARE cards manually and online. We are very happy with the system and our operatives have responded well to the introduction

WJ GroundwaterWJ Groundwater launches effective new H&S process
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