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WJ Groundwater’s Conrad goes to University

Our new drill rig, Conrad, got to make ‘his’ project debut at one of the UK’s finest seats of learning and he pulled the job off with aplomb with a little help from his human pals, Mohammad Usman and Paul Judge!

This London-based projects took place at the University College London, better known as UCL. On the 22nd August drilling began on a 110 m deep abstraction well into a chalk formation in preparation for an Open Loop Ground Source Heat Exchange System at UCL’s new Student Centre. The main contractor on the job is Mace and subcontracted by Derry Building Services. Drilling was completed on the 2nd of September, followed by acidisation, geophysical survey and a full pump test completed ten days later on the 12th.

wj-groundwater_brunel-building_paddington-basin-london_silver-cloud-photography_0005The specification was originated by the designer: Ground Source Consult Ltd. It was a challenging project because of a limited amount of space to operate within on site, making it logistically challenging.

“We engaged WJ Groundwater to drill the new ground source energy well at UCL as they had successfully installed an abstraction well at the same site in 2014. This section of the work required careful planning to align with the main site activities. The WJ team carried out the works on programme and worked well with the main contractor to ensure that this logistically challenging project was delivered successfully,” said Iain Howley, Director of Ground Source Consult Ltd.

So, well done to Conrad and the drilling crew: Michael Crowley and Alex Walford. Here’s to many more successful drilling projects for our new acquisition.


WJ GroundwaterWJ Groundwater’s Conrad goes to University
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