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UK Project Update: M74 Raith Interchange


WJ Groundwater has commenced dewatering works on a new underpass that will run beneath the M74 Raith Interchange near Glasgow.

The project is part of a massive £1 billion upgrade of the motorway network to the east and south east of Glasgow and is due to end in about 12 months time.

The dewatering project is being managed by Neil Coutler (Contracts Manager) and Michael Cummiskey (Project Engineer).The underpass is 350m long x 50m wide and is situated 12 m deep, but the groundwater is close to surface level. WJ has been installing a discharge pipe to the River Clyde, along with multiple drilling wells, pumps and monitoring devices.

“WJ is very pleased to be involved with one of Scotland’s largest infrastructure programmes to date. We look forward to completing our task by the project deadline,” said Managing Director, Richard Fielden.

Work on the project is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months.

photo M74 Raith Interchange: dailyrecordonline


WJ GroundwaterUK Project Update: M74 Raith Interchange
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